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Hard Drive Replace
Laptop not loading, starting
(device not found)
or running smoothly, all can be signs of a hard drive failure.
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Your data and software is stored on a hard drive in your laptop.
We can replace your hard drive and often recover your precious data

Screen Repair
Unresponsive or Broken screen? Black, blank, or multi coloured?
Age or Impact damage can cause your screen to fail

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We will replace your screen
with a quality identical new screen
More info click Laptop Screen Repairs

Fan Repair
/ Replace
Getting hot
, running slow
or noisy fan? You may having a cooling fan issue

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We can service or replace your fan
and thermal paste your CPU.
This service improves performance
, increases battery life
and improves longevity.
Virus Removal
Virus, Malware, Adware or Pop ups.
Nasty programs can cause your internet to fail, pop-ups to annoy you, even encrypted your precious data
and ask you to pay a ransom
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We can help with all the nasties, scan and clean your disk and get you and your computer safe again

DC Power Jack
Do you have a broken socket or suffering from no power to laptop or screen.

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The charge port or DC jack of your laptop can break or fail over time.
We can
fix or replace your DC jack to return power to your laptop.

Slow? Ram Upgrade
Laptops can slow down overtime, more programs, less space can present problems.

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The most cost efficient way to better performance is a RAM upgrade,
giving the PC more power for every task,
for up to 100% faster operation

Windows Re-Install
Windows not booting or going to blue screen, or repair looping?

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We can reinstall Windows and all system drivers to get you back up and running

Keyboard / Spillage
Have you spilt a drink on your keyboard.
Are the keys not working properly or random key pressess appearing?

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We can replace your keyboard for a return to function
and a nice clean new look

Software Tuneup
Windows slows down overtime.
Running out of space, too many programs?

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We can tuneup your device so its like new again.
Lots of programs are not required at start up and can be removed to improve general performance.

"Quick service, and great value, I was really impressed!"
David, Staines

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