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By accepting a free quotation, or leaving your equipment with us, or by agreeing to a quote and or repair you are agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions laid out here.

Open Hours

During working hours it is possible to contact us via telephone, mobile (texts) and on the premises. Whilst we do operate from a residential location, we do not offer out of hours service, please do not request this or assume it is convenient. As a customer please respect our right to privacy and do not knock or ring on the residential property at any time.


Please wait for your ready message before collecting, and please collect during working hours. We encourage customers to text or call before arriving as we are on occasions out on call for business customers and on emergencies.

As is normal on occasions we are on holiday and will be unable to take calls or assist until normal operation resumes. We do not offer collections, drop offs or phone support outside of normal working hours. Our hours are clearly visible on the front door and on the website. Please do not ask to collect your equipment after closing time and unfortunately we do not respond to texts or emails outside of normal hours. Customer are allowed 3 working days to collect their device, after which they will be charged £3 per day for storage charges, please collect as soon as is possible. If you can not collect yourself please arrange for someone to collect on your behalf, and give us their name before they arrive.

You agree to collect your device within 90 days of the repair being complete or of you being notified it is ready to collect. Failure to collect within 90 days means you have abandoned your device and we will dispose of the device. We do not provide free storage.

Computer Repairs

Computers are complex consumer devices are there are literally thousands of different makes and model on the market. Whilst we aim to provide the best quality of service we can, we are also under pressure to provide the lowest price possible. Ultimately we are here to help and we aim to fix your problem. Unfortunately due to complexity and the wide range of computers and parts around delays maybe experienced. Parts can take 5-10 days to arrive, and to keep prices down we only keep the most regularly used parts in stock. Old machines, rarer machines and older parts will and do take longer to acquire, sometimes they are not available at all. Old parts are sometimes more expensive too. This is why we quote up front first to give you the best available information.

Free Quote

Quotes are free with no obligation. Requotes are charged at £10.

To obtain a free inspection and free quote you must leave your equipment with us for a minimum of 4 hours. By leaving your equipment with us you agree to the terms and conditions of service detailed here. To receive a free quote you agree to provide contact details including name, password, pin, mobile number, email and postal address. The postal address is unlikely to be used unless the other contact details are found to be incorrect. The free quote is offered on the basis that you realistically might accept the quotation for repair around the listed price for your repair and in addition that you agree to allow pchealthcare.net, on accasions, to send you emails regarding available services from time to time. You can unsubscribe to these emails at any time. Should you refuse your first free quote you will not be entitled to another free quote for 14 working days. If you collect and return the equipment at a later date a requote will be necessary and will be charged at £10 and paid up front.

Timescales and Delays

We can not guarantee repair timescales, due to a number of factors, including but not limited to: delivery delays, part availability, technical complexity, skills availability, etc.

We accept no responsiblity for loss you might incur due to delays, inconvenience, taxi fares or travel costs.

If you remove your equipment after a free quote a requote will be required if you return at a later date.

Please note not all services are available at all times. Some services in particular are limited or slower on Mondays and Fridays. In particular, we reserve the right to refuse advertised repairs on Friday afternoon, especially where customers are not willing to leave the device over the weekend.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that failure of one device does not impair your business, arrangements or finances. We regret any delays that may occur and will do our best to minimise them but we will not offer refunds partial or otherwise due solely to delays.

Software and Data Loss

Your software licences are your responsibilities, software can not be reinstalled without purchase media and product keys

In order to repair a computer it is sometimes necessary to reinstall the Operating System. This is usually called Windows in most cases or macOS for Macbooks. This is a reliable way to get a computer to function again. This is industry wide practice, and means that your computer will be wiped of all previously installed programs. Due to copyright protection measures and the way software is written it is not possible or practical to "recover" programs and reinstall them automatically. They must be reinstalled from the original CD, DVDs or downloads using the Product Key. If you have never had a CD, DVD or Product Key then it is possible that you have been using pirated software illegally. This sometimes occurs when you buy a second hand computer or you buy online from a small vendor.

The most popular package customers worry that they have lost is called Microsoft Office. This includes Word and Excel. Customers often think that this package is free. It is not free, and does not come free "with the computer", although it is sometimes purchased as an add-on with a product key (and disk). It costs normally at least £100, and can cost closer to £300 for business versions. It is the customer responsibility to maintain copies of their software disks and product keys to enable reinstallation after the Operating System (Windows or macOS) has been reinstalled. We will happily install a similar package called OpenOffice which is compatible with Microsoft Office files, and comes free, but it is not the same program. We accept no responsibility for loss of your software or files. By accepting a quote or repair you accept these terms.

It is the customer's responsibility to backup your files, and take care of your program disk and product keys. Backup memory sticks are available from £10, phones with email are available from £10 per month. Free cloud backup services exist such as DropBox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, iCloud. We will not be held responsible for any loss of data before or after the quote or repair.


We will respond to calls, texts and emails during open hours as best we can. Whilst we endeavour to provide good communication through email, phone and text we can not guarantee response times. Ultimately our priority is to repair devices, and this can sometimes impact communication.

We aim to get you a quote in less than 4 hours (working hours), for routine jobs, but can not guarantee this. We do have busy periods are during these times we will do our best to provide timely service but service can vary. We will try our best to keep you up to date with texts messages. During particularly busy times we may not be able to answer, or our texts messages maybe become abbreviated or shorter in response. We aim for communications to be well mannered but during busy periods in order to keep up with demand message may become more brief.

Cancellation & Returns

Cancelling a repair / service once a job has been accepted incurs a charge of £25. If you accept the quote that is offered you then you have entered a legally binding agreement to pay for the services provided. Should you choose to the cancel the work agreed then you will be charged a minimum of £25 cancellation charge. Should you pick up, pay for the service delivered then you have a limited time to reject the service and return the goods for corrective action. If you keep the goods and do not return them promptly then legally you are deemed to have accepted the service/goods and under consumer law you have relinquished your claim to a refund.

It is the customer's responsibility to research the best price available before accepting our quote. If you accept our quote we will not make adjustments to the price after the agreement has been made. This is a labour intense service industry and not a retail environment and as such unfortunately we can not and do not provide supermarket "price match" offers or refunds.

Please note returns take more time to process than original repairs, in general at least 48 hours, and can take several weeks depending on the issue needed to resolve.

Due to the complex nature and operation of computers and their wide variety of use it is not always possible to fix all problems at the first pass. It may be necessary for you to return the computer a second time, or perhaps call us for additional instructions. We will help as appropriate in these circumstances. We aim to resolve your problem. The customer needs to be aware that this might be necessary. Different people have different ways of using their computer and it can take further communication to resolve problems or any miscommunications/misunderstandings that might have taken place.

Whilst we will try to solve your problem first time we do not accept any liability or costs, or compensate for inconvenience for customers having to call us again or return to our premises to resolve the problem. Lost time and transport costs to our premise are entirely the responsibility of the customer. If you have elected to travel long distance to use our service it is the customer's decision to do so and we can not guarantee one hit resolution to your problem. We aim to resolve your problem as quickly as possible but due to complexity sometimes it takes a little bit longer. Please note Mondays and Tuesday are our busiest days so please be patient with queries or returns during these times.

Free Services

On occasions we may offer you a free service. For example, to install OpenOffice. Whilst we offer free services we accept no responsibility for loss or inconvenience caused by the use of this free service. We also reserve the right to retract the free service or its provision at any time. For example, if we provide free hosting for your website there may come a time when this is no longer practical or cost effective to provide and the service maybe withdrawn, without notice.

Discount Packages

Discount packages offer dicounts on services in return for a monthly fee. To sign up you must pay three months in advance by credit card, we will then send you a form to continue payment on direct debit, after 3 months. Rate only applies to service charge and not parts. Discount is limited to 3 named computers per customer. Fair use policy applies, contract may be terminated by either party at any time, original 3 month payment is non refundable.

Lost Passwords

We can not be held responsible for loss due to forgotten passwords. Machines will be restarted during inspection, you must know your own passwords.

After a Windows reinstallation it will be necessary for customers to re-input some settings and passwords on their computer. You will likely need the encryption key for your modem to enable wireless internet. It is the responsibility of the customer to know their own security encryption keys. We will attempt to advise but restoring your wireless connection is not under the remit of the repair. You may also need some passwords, for example, to access your email. Modern software often 'remembers' passwords and unfortunately sometimes this means customers might not remember their password anymore. Unfortunately this is the responsibility of the customer.

We can not be held responsible for loss of password for any customers services. Passwords are security related and as such can not be routinely or automatically recovered or restored. The customer is advised to contact their email or service provider for any lost passwords and to follow their service proceeds. We can not provide this service for you as providers will not talk to third parties.

Data Recovery

We offer data recovery services and in most instances this is successful. However, sometimes there is nothing we can do to help and because computers include moving parts that wear the situation may actually get worse during our attempts and investigations (though this is very rare). We do not accept responsibility for any loss financial or otherwise due to data loss. It is the customers responsibility to backup data regularly.

During data recovery it is necessary for our staff to inspect and direct the progress of recovery operations and this involves seeing file names and opening random files to check the integrity of the recovery. By accepting a data recovery service you accept that some of your files may be inspected during the recovery process. If you are unhappy in anyway with this process you must not proceed with the data recovery. Asking us to proceed with data recovery waives any rights to make privacy complaints after the fact.

Your data is private and will treated as such. We would only copy data if it is deemed necessary in the process of carrying out your wishes (eg data recovery).


We will not pass your personal or company details on to any third party suppliers. We may email you from time to time with new offers, an email which you can unsubscribe immediately as you desire.


We do not use cookies or track your information on this website.

Partner Repairs

These occur off site and we can not control the timescales. Some of our repair services are offered by partner repair centers. Using these services require that the equipment is couriered to the partner repair return for repairs. As with all postal services there are some risks of loss or damaged associated with this transportation. We accept responsible for loss due to courier services up to a maximum value of £90. If this is not sufficient cover please do not request to proceed with the repair.

Water Damage

We (pchealthcare) accept no liability for devices that fail during repairs or afterwards that have been previously exposed to water or liquids. Water affected devices are not covered by warranty of any kind, use with caution. Their function may not be reliable and they can fail at anytime. We will not be responsible for any damage, loss, or injury caused by electronics or electrical devices that have been exposed to water or liquids. Devices exposed to water/liquids may appear fine for days or weeks before showing problems or failing later on.

Loss or Damage on site

Whilst in our possesion we will take the best possible care of your equipment. In the event of an accident where your equipment is lost or damaged, we accept responsibilty for loss up to a maximum value of £90. By leaving the equipment with us you accept this level of cover and these conditions.


We have Apple Certification qualification but we are not connected, controlled, owned or authorised by Apple.

We are a local independant repairer, with training to degree level in computer science, and industry training and certification. Please note whilst we repair devices of all makes we are not owned or associated with any individual manufacturer. Just like an independent motor garage we use compability aftermarket parts, and in many cases don't have access to or find the price of OEM parts prohibitive. More recently we prodominately use recycle Apple screens.

Please note having your device repaired by an independanat repairer will likely invalidate your manufacturer warranty or guarantee if it is still current. It is solely your responsibility to check the terms of your warranty. If you are in any doubt please refer to your original manufacturer.

In recent times, Apple changed its software, briefly, to aggresively disable iPhones that may have faulty TouchID or 3rd party TouchID (home button) parts. This was a rare occurence, but was widely reported. The update as since been revoked and should no longer be a problem. However, you are advised that should your TouchID home button button be damaged before or after a repair then upgrading Apple iOS software may completely disable your phone and lose all your data. We accept no responsibility for this and you are advised not to upgrade your software unless you accept the risk. If you are unsure or do not accept the risk you should not proceed with the repair. Your alternative is to go direct to Apple, who will charge you, most probably, considerably more for an alternative handset

We accept no responsibility for loss or damage caused, or offer compensation of any kind in relation to iPhones disabled by Apples OS software checks (eg Error 53).

iOS updates

Any parts fitted to your iPhone or iPad will be tested on the most recent iOS software versions commonly available at the time of the repair. However, Apple can and may make changes to the software or new releases and could change the software so that the hardware does not work with third party or independantly fitted parts. Our warranty does not cover faults or failures that arise from updating the software. Whilst incidents of this nature are very rare at present they could become more prevelant depending on the commercial/software decisions that Apple makes. As the user you must accept this risk and update software at your own risk only.

Apples Touch ID and Face ID

iPhones TouchID and FaceID features can only be repaired by Apple. From the iPhone 7, and later models, home buttons cannot be repaired independently of Apple, if there is a problem during screen fitting you accept liability for the cost of Apple repair to the home button (or Face ID), or agree to use the on-display (accessibility) equivalent home button (free) and PIN entry instead.

Quality parts

We use screens from a highly reputable industry leading importer, the best we have found over 5 years of fixing iPhone and iPads, who supply screens literally to thousands in the industry, they are a first hand importer, not a local reseller. On fitting we carry out over thirty checks of features and functions and performance. So we know, that when fitted, your screen is fully functional.

Our screens are after market parts (or refurbished originals) and are so good as to be indistinguishable from original parts by 98% of device users. However, if you are a photographer, artist or image professional you might prefer to go direct to Apple for an exchange replacement, if an identical colour gamut is essential. Please note that by selecting us as a repairer you accept our terms and conditions and the colour gamut of our replacement screens. Our screens do not support the later feature of True Tone, which is not widely known of, and only adjusts screen colours in specific circumstances. We are unlikely to support this feature as it is not widely requested and adds significantly to the cost of the screen and repair.


Warranties are provided to protect you from manufacturing defects, but not from accidents. The warranty has terms applied and one of those terms is that the product must be presented to us for consideration, over 24 hours, and that the device must have been used appropriately and that any visible signs of impact on the surface or case will limit or invalidate the warranty entirely. We are not obliged under consumer law to replace a screen you have damaged yourself by misuse.

Warranty on hard drives, ram memory, power supplies is 12 months. Warranty on screens, iphone, ipad parts and motherboard repairs is 3 months. Warranty does not cover physical damage or misuse. Misuse includes but is not limited to dropping, knocking, exposing to wet conditions, leaving in excessive hot or cold environments and exposing to dirty or dusty environment. Phone screen repairs where the case strength or shape is compromised, thereby not supporting the glass screen, are excluded from warranty and only best endeavours is offered. Signs of impact of the screen will invalidate the warranty.

All returns are considered on an individual basis, when present in the office, I can not comment by email on any devices not seen. If you bring a device we can review its potential as a warranty return, to do so we need at least 24 hours.


Software is not covered by Warranty, eg Microsoft Windows, macOS and or drivers that support the additional features of the device. This is standard in the industry due to the damage that can be caused by misuse, registry editing, file deleting, uninstalling, installing, viruses and malware. Or lack of support by the manufacturer in providing relevant drivers for rebuilds.

Please note, instructing an independant repairer, like pchealthcare, to work on your device will likely invalidate any remaining manufacturer warranty

Repair not available

Repairs are offered on a case by case basis, and on occasions, where we have reason to believe a future problem or return is likely, we reserve the right to not to offer a repair.


This information is available in store printed and is updated regularly.