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iPhone 6s unlocked 32Gb - £139

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Broken Screen / Glass
We can fix it quick. You'll get a shiny new screen in no time, that'll look as good as new. We use the best quality screens.

Battery Replace
After the first year battery performance gets worse, especially if you have dropped it. A new battery will perform better and last longer, we can help!

Charge / Dock Port
Problems charging the battery, or not working with your dock speakers? You might need a replacement port

Water damage
Had a spill? This can cause all sorts of problems. We can treat your device for water damage, clean connections, and assess any damage and quote for repairs.

Home Button
Home Button problems? Button not pressing properly or fallen off. We can fix it

Mic / Headphones
We can replace the headphone jack or microphone if you are having sound problems
Problems with ring tone or playing music, low volume and or distorted? We can fix it

Are people having trouble hearing you? You earpiece may have got wet or damaged, we can help
Power / Volume
Power button or volumes buttons not working? We can repair these.

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"Quick service, and great value, I was really impressed!"
David, Staines

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